Rang a Sé Ms Elliffe

Rang a 6 started off 2024 strong with some engineering tasks. We engineered a solution for some cold hungry garden birds.

We learned about sound and built tin can telephones.

We even built a telephone exchange by connecting our telephones together.

We made pulleys which are simple machines.

We learned about renewable energy and built wind turbines.

We made some delicious cookies.


Here we are making crosses for St Brigid’s Day.

We made some friendship bracelets and cards for our reading buddies in Junior Infants!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Rang a Sé!

Here is the art that we created for the cilín on display for Valentine’s Day.

Make sure you are reading at home every day please 🙂

Football training has begun

We have enjoyed learning about World War II

3rd class novel finished


Today we explored the relationship between the circumference of a circle and the diameter of a circle. We carefully measured the circumference of our circle and the diameter of our circle. We then divided the circumference by the diameter and got an answer close to pi. Super work rang a 6!

We looked at how opposite poles of a magnet attract, how same poles repel and discovered which magnets were the strongest.

We created a game called ‘Cé Tusa?’ for seachtain na Gaeilge. We started out by thinking of a famous person, wrote down some clues as Gaeilge and then recorded videos and created a qr code with a link to our videos. Each class went around the school scanning our codes trying to guess who the famous person was. Everyone loved it!

Georgia O’Keefe inspired our beautiful flowers

Our entries have been posted to the An Post letter writing competition. The children wrote the most amazing letters in praise of our local community here in Moycullen and composed some wonderful ideas as to how we can nurture our local community to ensure it thrives going forward. Well done rang a sé, fantastic work! Everyone has worked so hard this term. I hope you all have a fantastic Easter. Ms Elliffe.


We learned about 3D shapes and had a go at constructing some.

We also studied another type of 3D shape!

We started practising for our Confirmation mass and started our art work for the Confirmation.

We learned about electronic engineering and designed an electronic circuit.