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Skip-Hop 2019

Skipping Day with skip-hop

6th and 7th November 2019

I am delighted to inform you that we have invited skip-hop for two days of skipping on the above dates. Every child has the opportunity to take part in the workshops in which they will learn a selection of moves including individual, double-dutch, long rope, and partner skipping. The second day culminates with a demonstration of skipping skills performed by children chosen from each workshop. The school is requesting a contribution of €2.00 per child and we are hoping that all the children will wish to participate in this exciting one-off event. 

skip-hop has presented demonstrations to over 3,000 schools throughout the UK and Ireland, China and South America. Their aim is to encourage children and adults to skip for health, fun and fitness, whilst introducing traditional skipping games back into the school playground. The school supports these aims wholeheartedly. Further information can be obtained from their web site www.skip-hop.co.uk

The highest quality speed ropes are available for children of all ages. For parents who are interested in skipping with their children or who simply want some useful exercise themselves, there are adult ropes, family ropes and double dutch ropes available. Should you, your child or children require a skipping rope, they can be bought on either day or ordered through the school.

Children’s ropes 2.1m and 2.5m – €6

Xtenders – €3
Double dutch ropes 4.5m – €15 per pair  
Adult ropes 2.7m – €8  
Family ropes 4.5m – €10