Rang a 1 / First class

Féile scoildrámaíochta

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Rang a 1 took part in the Féile scoildrámaíochta this year with “Na trí bhéar”. They performed extremely well reaching the Connaught finals. Well done Rang a 1 we are very proud of your achievement.

Write a book competition

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Well done to the winners of the write a book competition in rang a 1. 3 highly commended and 1 overall winner. It was a tough competition as all of the entries were at a very high standard. The children put lots of work into their books and I am very proud of their efforts.

Hour of code

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Rang a 1 took part in the hour of code. They did really well getting as far as level 8 in the minecraft coding without any help. Some of them went on to complete all levels at home. Well done ! 


Why is reading for 20 minutes a day important ?

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Reading is “brain food”

Our brains develop as we “feed” them with experiences. The experience of reading (whether you’re the reader or the one being read to) activates and “exercises” many of the areas of the brain. The visual cortex works as your eyes track the words on the page and look at the illustrations. Your memory makes connections between what you already know about the topic of the story and its content. You integrate new information learned through reading further strengthening and growing your network of knowledge. Reading provides one of the most enriching and complex brain activities available in life. Read the rest of this entry »